EXPLORE is the initiative of the award-winning Chilean filmmaker and naturalist, winner of 4 Emmy awards, Christian Munoz-Donoso . they have brought to EXPLORE the spirit of the modern expeditions that for Christian, in his more than 20 years working as a nature cameraman for National Geographic, BBC, Discovery Channel and other important television networks worldwide, have been an important part of his lifetime.

To these modern expeditions has been added the romantic feeling of the explorations made by the great explorers who visited Chile in the last 500 years. Charles Darwin, James Cook, Alexander Von Humboldt to name a few. This spirit is embodied in every corner of EXPLORE with ancient and modern objects brought from different parts of the world, which reflect the adventurous life of the founders of this Café.


This is how the finest coffee and tea in the world is brought to this island from the most renowned crops worldwide. The beans and leaves are carefully selected only from those certified producers who practice the “Fair-Trade” (Comercio Justo) and processed in the same way and then arrive directly to EXPLORE.


EXPLORE is located on Isla Grande de Chiloé, in Chile, where the channels of Patagonia to the south of the Pacific begin. With a view to the sea on one of the wildest coasts of the world, EXPLORE was founded by  Christian with the spirit of giving modern explorers the alternative of tasting the finest coffee beans and aromatic tea leaves brought from the most exotic corners of the world, matched with pastries and other first-line snacks, all prepared with organic products. Also, as an additional bonus, there is the opportunity to taste it in front of the Pacific Ocean and the temperate rain forest that make up one of the most impressive landscapes that can be seen in South America.



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